Haunting Halloween Reading: Ghosts and other Supernatural Guests by PJ Hodge

Want some creepy Halloween reading – look no further than PJ Hodges new collection of classic ghost stories…

The Haunted Palace

Finally the first installment of the Freaky Folktales Collection!

I have been a keen follower of PJ Hodge’s excellent website Freaky Folktales for some time now.  Many a lunch hour at work has been whiled away with some deliciously creepy offering from the Freaky Folktales Vaults – and I have been impatiently waiting for the collection to be published – and here it is – just in time for Halloween!

Ghosts and Other Supernatural Guests by PJ Hodge

Ghosts and other supernatural guestsGhosts and other Supernatural Guests is a collection of twelve tales of terror and suspense.  Ranging from intimate first person narratives, to the traditional omniscient narrator; each tale is wonderfully crafted, precise in language and detail and very much harking back to the classic age of the ghost story.

PJ Hodge invites you to step outside your everyday world with tales that subtly entice you into a more  liminal world, a world…

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